Code of Ethics

Read the code of ethics that BTL members follow.


The civic association BTLka, in accordance with its statutes, respecting the internationally recognized principles of event practice, general ethical principles and with the aim

to respect human rights, especially the right to freedom of speech and the press,
to guarantee the rights of individuals to true and non-misleading information,
provide services and implement projects for clients professionally, loyally and honestly,
ensure refraining from representing clients in the event of a conflict of interests and maintaining discretion,
to protect correct collegial relations between BTLka members

resolved on this code of ethics:

Art. 1
Introductory provision

1) This code of ethics governs the obligations of a member of BTLka when providing their services in a relationship

  1. to the client,
  2. to other BTLka members,
  3. to the company,
  4. to BTLka,
  5. to suppliers.
Art. 2
Povinnosti člena BTLky vo vzťahu ku klientovi

1) The main task of a BTLka member in the position of a service provider is to help the client build his good name, brand and implement projects for him or provide other services respecting the client’s requirements with regard to their internal company culture.

2) BTLka member in the position of service provider:

1. sets goals and expectations together with the client,
2. defines the goals and forms of communication activities and the possibilities of their fulfillment,
3. will propose a solution that is cost-effective, of the necessary quality, and will implement it only on the basis of conditions agreed by the client,
4. demonstrates trust towards the client; considers the information it obtains to be confidential and not publicly known and accepts that it will not be passed on to a third party without the client’s consent,
5. can work for clients who are in a competitive position, but must inform the client about this fact. At the same time, he undertakes not to act in a conflict of interest towards third parties (suppliers or clients).
may or may not accept any order, his decision being purely subjective, based on the provider’s corporate policy,
6. must not knowingly or negligently damage the good name of the client,
7. must ensure the security of all work records that in any way touch the client,
8. must follow ethical principles and management standards in all activities,
9. undertakes not to enter into cartel or other similar agreements and not take steps distorting the free market,
10. undertakes to refrain from behavior that could be interpreted as corrupt.


Art. 3
Duties of a BTLka member towards other members

1) BTLka member in relation to other members:

  1. is obliged to behave honestly and observe the principles of good morals,
  2. undertakes not to disparage competing companies and not to spread false and unfounded criticisms against them or otherwise publicly defame the competitive abilities of other companies.
Art. 4
Duties of a BTLka member towards the company

1) A member of BTLka:

  1. is responsible to the company that when providing its services it respects, preserves and develops the company’s value system, protects the natural and cultural heritage of the company,
  2. performs his profession in such a way as to contribute to the improvement of living conditions and the environment,
  3. observes in its activities legal regulations in the field of human rights, in particular non-discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnicity, nationality, age, sex, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability,
  4. must not carry out activities that are contrary to the law or the interests of the company and must avoid any form of corrupt behavior.
Duties of a BTLka member towards BTLka

1) A BTLka member is obliged to:

1. promote the interests of BTLka in public,
2. not to disseminate information marked as confidential, which he learned about in connection with the activities of BTLka,
3. comply with this code of ethics,
4. to provide an explanation to BTLka in the event of a complaint filed against his activity,
5. to submit to disciplinary proceedings in case of violation of the code of ethics.

2) Details of individual offenses as well as the process of disciplinary proceedings are governed by a specific regulation



Povinnosti člena BTLky k dodávateľom:

1) BTLka member:

1. undertakes to cooperate with suppliers in the spirit of normal business practice
2. undertakes to always settle mutual obligations with suppliers in terms of mutual agreements.

Art. 7

Final provision

1) This code of ethics takes effect on 12/09/2011.

Place and date: Bratislava, 12 September 2011

Signature of the Chairman of the Executive Board of BTLka