We’re notoric strategists, creativity formers, big-thinkers, schedule maniacs, designers, emphatic listeners, problem-solvers, deadlines guardians and just the people who understand magical moments and love them.

rep. Michaela Slabá


We understand our work as well as the needs of our clients. From the technical implementation, transport and the program itself, artists and staff. This ensures flexibility and promptness in solving the client’s requirements

rep. Erik Muľ

Brand Advertising

We are an event agency operating since 1996. Our job is to create entertainment for clients. We sell good feelings and enjoy it more than anything else.

rep. Andrea Skočeková


We pay attention to every detail and always think about how to improve our services and products. Each assignment is a unique concept that will make our client stand out.

rep. Richard Jerguš


We are an event & live communication agency whose main mission is to bring people positive emotional experiences through social events and conferences.

rep. Štefan Kozák


Events and sales promotion specialist. BTL agency founded in 1997 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

rep. Dalibor Lukačka, Adrian Vavro

ELCOP Bratislava

We provide clients with comprehensive professional solutions for event marketing.

rep. Eva Ličková

FRESH Agency

Gala dinners, events, teambuildings, brand activation and much more. We are Fresh Agency.

rep. Naďa Křupalová, Katarína Uhríková


Exclusive events for your company events. We have more than 20 years of experience

rep. Michal Svarinský


Reliability, experience and creativity. Two Zlaté Klince awards, ISO quality certificates.

rep. Tomáš Ručkay


Monarch is the creation of branded experiences, for its clients, for their guests and for you.

rep. Peter Princ


Our agency controls the entirety of event management.

rep. Ondrej Sakmár


Annual events, employee parties, family days, conferences and congresses, teambuildings.

rep. Zuzana Danechová


A small company party or a spectacular event for 100,000 people in an open space?

rep. Martin Královič

Economic results

Tables of turnover of member agencies and observers of the BTL Communication Association for individual years.

Job offers

Price list of services of BTL agencies

for the year 2023.

Account Director 62 €
Project leader 62 €
Account manager 43 €
Account executive/
Junior account manager
30 €
Production manager senior/Production leader 46 €
Production manager 37 €

Production executive/ Production manager junior

29 €
Production assistant 21 €
Art Director 50 €
Graphic designer 35 €
DTP 30 €
Creative Director 68 €